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Bowsprit at Allegro 33

InläggPostat: ons nov 21, 2018 23:01
av Godie
Hello Allegrofriends,
I'm new to this type of boat and I'm interested to probably buy one of these double enders. BUT I'm wondering why some of the Allegro 33 have a bowsprit where the Furlex sits on and other boats do not have it. What is the reason behind it? Do boats without a bowsprit have any disadvantages?

Greetings and thanks in advance, Godie

Re: Bowsprit at Allegro 33

InläggPostat: tis nov 27, 2018 10:48
av Hans-Roland
There are several resons why owners of Allegro 33 have bowsprit. One memeber mention that it is easier to step down from the boat. A second reason is to enable to have a bowanchor hanging there. It simplifyes anchoring. A third reason is that it enables twostays with furling foresail wich simplifies to change the sailarea.
Best regards

A 33 SE14