Bowsprit at Allegro 33

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Bowsprit at Allegro 33

Inläggav Godie » ons nov 21, 2018 23:01

Hello Allegrofriends,
I'm new to this type of boat and I'm interested to probably buy one of these double enders. BUT I'm wondering why some of the Allegro 33 have a bowsprit where the Furlex sits on and other boats do not have it. What is the reason behind it? Do boats without a bowsprit have any disadvantages?

Greetings and thanks in advance, Godie
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Re: Bowsprit at Allegro 33

Inläggav Hans-Roland » tis nov 27, 2018 10:48

There are several resons why owners of Allegro 33 have bowsprit. One memeber mention that it is easier to step down from the boat. A second reason is to enable to have a bowanchor hanging there. It simplifyes anchoring. A third reason is that it enables twostays with furling foresail wich simplifies to change the sailarea.
Best regards

A 33 SE14
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